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This page describes the decision making processes used within The Good Docs Project.

Version: 2.0

Last updated: August 2020


Decisions are based on voting using the following:

Simple decisions

For most decisions, a motion is raised within one of The Good Docs Project open forums (slack, email list, weekly meeting, etc.) and those present vote and decide.

Significant decisions

Should a decision:

then a motion should be raised as an email thread on our general email list. The subject line should start: “Motion: …”

All community members are encouraged to vote to help us reach community concensus. Should a motion be contentious only votes from PSC members will be counted. PSC are expected to advocate for the best interests of our community and consider community opinions when voting.

A motion is considered passed when there are more PSC +1 votes than -1 votes, and either all PSC members have voted, or 4 days have passed. In the case of a tie, the PSC chair shall have the deciding vote.

Record decisions