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Here we define roles within The Good Docs Project, along with the eligibility, expectations, and responsibilities associated with these roles.

Version: 2.0

Last updated: August 2020


Everyone contributing to, or using artifacts from, The Good Docs Project is considered part of our community. We encourage all community members to actively participate in our activities. This includes:


Expectations of community members:


A committer is a trusted community member who has additionally been given write access to some or all of our github repositories.

Current committers


Additional expectations of committers:


Before being accepted for this role, a person should display the following characteristics:

Project Steering Committee

The Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the official managing body for our project. The committee is drawn from the community and is based on merit and interest.

A PSC chair shall be selected from the PSC, with the only official extra duty being that they have a deciding vote in the case of a tie.

Current PSC members


Additional expectations of PSC members:


Before being accepted for this role, a person should display the following characteristics:


Initiatives which are funded by The Good Docs Project should have a mentor.

Current mentors

Expectations of mentors:

A mentor’s responsibilities typically includes:


A mentor will typically be a member of the PSC, but may be an experienced person who is trusted by the PSC.

Any conflict-of-interest the mentor may have should be stated beforehand. This could result from mentoring managers, direct reports, relatives, or close friends. The PSC will need to decide whether the conflict will negatively impact the mentoring experience.


Treasurers are PSC members who additionally have been provided with admin access to our financial account with Open Collective.

Current treasurers

Expectations of treasurers:


In order to limit the risk of misappropriation of funds, financial approval privileges should only be provided to a few long serving PSC members.

Selection of roles