The Good Docs Project Working Groups

Working Groups are formed by volunteers who coalesce around goals or a collection of projects that we think will benefit the community. Please see the details for each working group below to see where you can help.

A working group consists of two or more templateers who are collaborating together to work on a Good Docs Project initiative or focus area of the project. Working groups can be organized on a temporary, ad-hoc basis or can exist as a long-term, permanent basis as long as there is sufficient interest to maintain them.

All working groups are open for anyone to join as a general rule. Contributors can belong to as many working groups as they have time for and it’s okay to join a group to observe for a while before contributing. If you are interested in contributing to a working group, join their Slack channel to ask how you can get involved.

Base Template

Use the base template to create new doctype templates; apply insights from that process to improve the base template.

Chronologue Working Group

Creating a fictional example software project, called Chronologue, for when documentation needs examples. We’re on a mission to avoid ‘foo’ and ‘bar’, so we’re writing real, contextual examples for use by The Good Docs and other projects.

Community Docs

Creating high-quality templates for the core sets of community docs that are necessary for the health, productivity, and cross-coordination of open source communities.

Doc Tools (Easy Button)

Creating a Hugo/Docsy repository that can be easily cloned to set up a new documentation system for a project. Using the GDP Templates as archetypes for new content in the site.


Creating cross-organizational and inter-operable glossaries with a standardised format for terms and definitions.


Generating videos, blog entries, and other media to promote greater empathy for documentation readers and share best practices for documentation creators.