Chronologue Working Group Working Group

Last modified 2021-04-22 (9358b13)


Status: Active
Point of Contact: Alyssa Rock
Meetings: Ad-hoc for now.


Creating a fictional example software project, called Chronologue, for when documentation needs examples. We're on a mission to avoid 'foo' and 'bar', so we're writing real, contextual examples for use by The Good Docs and other projects.



Examples are good. They help templateers demonstrate how a template works and they help readers understand a complex concept. We want to avoid using ‘foo’ and ‘bar’ - the Lorem Ipsum of code placeholders. We’re working to create a fake software product (and the world it exists in) to allow templateers and documentarians to have a wealth of meaningful contextual examples for use in documentation.

Everyone is welcome to come and play with us. If you’ve always wanted to create a fake API or design a fake UI, this is the group for you. If you’ve got a flair for fiction writing, world-building or simply want to come and have some fun, please join us.