Procope Working Group

Last modified 2021-04-18 (1194f08)


Status: Active
Point of Contact: Ryan Macklin
Meetings: Still being determined; come join and help us decide!


Generating videos, blog entries, and other media to promote greater empathy for documentation readers and share best practices for documentation creators.



Our group’s mission statement: Educating the public on strong documentation philosophies and practices, to empower those who aren’t primarily tech writers (and also those who are). One part of improving docs in open source is getting buy-in from developers about why docs matter. Another part is helping people interested in good documentation learn how to create it!

Join this group if you’re interested in working on videos, scripts, blog entries, white papers, or any other kind of media that will promote documentation fundamentals and best practices. Our group’s working model is largely distributed efforts to create content, brought together in review and scheduled by one of the lead publishers. We’re looking for people who want to offer doc advocacy and practices, or who want to learn those things and be involved with critiquing submitted content.