EMEA-APAC Templateers Working Group

Last modified 2021-08-30 (73c9819)


Status: Active
Point of Contact: Cameron Shorter
Meetings: Tuesday, 07:00 UTC


Templateers in EMEA and APAC timezones, supporting each other to create Good Doc templates.


  • Cameron Shorter
  • Ankita Tripathi
  • Ati M
  • Chris Ward (ChrisChincilla)
  • Gayathri Krishnaswamy
  • Karissa Van Baulen
  • Nelson Guya
  • Qian Lu (Choco)
  • Viaji Ogodapola


Tech writers who help each other develop doc templates for The Good Docs Project. We meet weekly and check in on each other’s progress. We’ve picked a timezone for EMEA and APAC timezones:

  • Morning (Europe/Africa)
  • Day (India/Asia)
  • Evening (Australia/Pacific)