Onboarding Working Group

Last modified 2022-03-14 (128c61e)


Status: Active
Point of Contact: Ankita Tripathi
Meetings: One to one interactions on Google meet or Emails or Slack channel


Helping our new community members feel welcomed and lowering the barrier to entry for their first contribution.



The goal of the onboarding group is to make everyone feel welcome in our community and that they have the support they need to contribute effectively in the Good Docs Project.

Our group will focus on:

  • Going from zero to hero: how do new community members take the leap from first learning about our project to starting on their first contribution.
  • Developing the supporting documentation and processes to help them on that journey.
  • Building out training materials for onboarding with the project and its toolchain.
  • Making sure everyone feels welcome, included, and valued for their own unique contributions.