Templates working group

Last modified 2023-05-24 (c4dfb06)


Status: Active

Working group leads

  • Alyssa Rock
  • Deanna Thompson
  • Gayathri Krishnaswamy
  • Joanne Fung
  • Michael Park
Meetings: Check the Community calendar


Creates high-quality templates for common content types used in a variety of documentation projects.


This group is great for both new and experienced technical writers. We can always use more template writers.

If you’re not sure which working group to join, we generally recommend joining a template writing group. The template project is our flagship project and the processes for contributing a template are well-established.

We have three template working groups you can join depending on which time zone works best for you:

  • Team Alpaca - For the APAC and US regions
  • Team Macaw - For the APAC and EMEA regions
  • Team Dolphin - For the EMEA and US regions