About The Good Docs Project

The goal of the Good Docs Project is to improve open source software documentation by providing high quality templates and writing instructions to the open source community and beyond.

The Minimum Viable Docset

Similar to a minimum viable product, a minimum viable docset (MVD) is just enough documentation content to be helpful to end users and project contributors at various stages in the project’s maturity. At the Good Docs Project, our goal is to define what is needed for an MVD and provide templates for the types of core documentation needed at each stage.

Multiple documentation (doc) types are required to achieve a project’s MVD.

Each serves a different purpose and has differing requirements:

Doc Types Diagram

Plotting doc types within a maturity model

For each doc type we expect to build:

  • A template, embedded with concise writing instructions that explain how to implement the template
  • At least one high quality example of that template in action
  • Deeper practical tips and explanations of different possible approaches
  • The necessary theory and context for our recommended best practices

Our primary focus at this phase is on providing content.

Documentation Quality

The Good Docs Project includes contributions from a vibrant and healthy community of technical writers who are passionate about making high quality templates. Each template goes through a rigorous writing, reviewing, and refining process. Working together, we hope to provide templates that feature the best guidance that the technical writing community has to offer.

Community Governance

We strive to foster a safe and welcoming community where everyone with an interest in improving documentation can make a meaningful contribution. Your perspectives and best efforts are welcome regardless of whether you are a developer, technical writer, information architect, UX designer, product manager, or are completely new to open source development.

We govern our community with a democratic, just-enough-governance model that is overseen by a project steering committee. See our community page for more information.