The Good Docs Project Community

We are a bunch of technical writers, educators, product developers and power users who also write. Some of us have big titles in large organisations; others don’t. We are committed to helping others write great documentation through this project.

Our who are we page lists our active members who have taken up official roles.


Email lists are our primary form of communication. See the links above to the various resources available.

Why do we use Email lists?

  • They are archived.
  • They work well for people working across multiple timezones and work patterns.


We often chat in slack, you can join here.

The main channels are:

  • #announcements: Notifications of upcoming initiatives / releases / etc.
  • #general: General development discussion
  • #random: Non-work-related stuff

Real-time conference calls

As of 2019/2020 we have been holding weekly half-hour video conference calls. The timeslot often changes. Reach out to us to get an invitation. All interested in contributing are welcome.

Weekly meeting minutes

Minutes from our weekly meetings can be accessed from here.

Working Groups

Working Groups are established to make progress in many areas of effort related to The Good Docs Project. See the current list of Working Groups to explore the opportunities available to all members.

Code of Conduct

We are nice to each other, in line with our Code of Conduct.

Additional Resources and Information