Licenses for The Good Docs Project

Templates, documentation, website content and the project Contribution Agreement.

License of Templates: 0BSD

In order to facilitate maximum reusability, artifacts provided in The Good Docs Project templates repository are dedicated to the public domain, as per the Zero-Clause BSD license. These artifacts are permitted to be incorporated into any other licenced work.

While not mandated, we do appreciate being acknowledged. Hopefully you will help others find our project using a statement like:

“This documentation is based on templates from The Good Docs Project.”

License of supporting docs and website: CC-By

The Good Docs Project website, along with supporting documentation for the template artifacts, are licensed under a Creative Commons By Attribution License (CC-By 4.0).

You can attribute documentation using a statement similar to:

“This document [is derived from | includes | extends] documentation from The Good Docs Project.”

Contributor Agreement

By contributing to this project, contributors agree to provide their contributions in line with the project’s licenses, as per the Developer Certificate of Origin statement version 1.0.