Who We Are

Here we list the people behind this project, as defined by the project’s roles.

The Good Docs Project Steering Committee (PSC) is the official managing body of The Good Docs Project and is responsible for setting overall project direction. The committee is drawn from The Good Docs Project community and is based on merit and interest. For more information about what these roles and responsibilities mean, see Roles and responsibilities.

PSC Members

  • Alyssa Rock, co-chair
  • Carrie Crowe, co-chair
  • Ryan Macklin, co-chair
  • Aaron Peters
  • Ankita Tripathi
  • Bryan Klein
  • Cameron Shorter
  • Deanna Thompson
  • Erin McKean
  • Felicity Brand
  • Gayathri Krishnaswamy
  • Morgan Craft
  • Nelson Guya
  • Tina L├╝dtke
  • Viraji Ogodapola

Our thanks to previous PSC members:

  • Aidan Doherty
  • Becky Todd
  • Clarence Cromwell
  • Jared Morgan
  • Jennifer Rondeau
  • Jo Cook


  • Chris Ward
  • Clarence Cromwell
  • Daniel Beck
  • Derek Ardolf
  • Jared Morgan
  • Lana Brindley

PSC members may retire any time. If a PSC member becomes inactive, for multiple quarters, it may be time to retire. (Ex-members will typically be welcomed back if they become active again.) An inactive member may be invited to retire. If unresponsive they may be removed by the existing PSC.


Informal and semi-formal mentoring is a natural part of our community which we encourage and enjoy. Here we list formal mentoring which has been set up as part of our proposal selection process:

  • Jared Morgan
  • Clarence Cromwell

Our thanks to previous mentors:

  • <None yet>


  • <Still to be officially endorsed>